About Optiv8

I'm an independent consultant with a focus on marketing and business development. I selectively work with partners in the marketing services space to offer a range of services for businesses to target, engage and activate their customers. On their own or in combination with others, these services can help marketers solve a range of problems. Here are just a few examples:

CPG Brands: Support all stores or just selected stores at banners where you have listings by laser targeting the right postal codes with direct mail post cards and driving consumer traffic to those stores. Do this to support new listings, underperforming stores or to compliment instore promotional activity.

Franchise Operations: Each franchise location competes in a local trading area. Rather than market to the entire surrounding area, surgically select only the postal codes most likely to contain households that match your target audience. Market only to the best of the best matching postal codes.

Small Business & Main Street Retailers: Customers want to tell their trusted social networks about great customer experiences. Make it easy for them to share their opinion on social media and become micro-influencers that send more customers your way.

Multi-Location Retailers With a Local Focus: For chains with a need to customize marketing communications at the local store level at scale, deliver relevant store specific content to consumers who could shop those stores, via localized Facebook store page posts, and/or Facebook and Google Ads.

Sponsors of Sporting Events & Live Entertainment: Engage fans of athletes, teams, leagues and events live, in real-time, from wherever they are watching, to gather first-party insights about those fans and then market to them, with their fully informed consent.

Ecommerce Order Fulfillment: Companies who sell on line and need to physically distribute their product to customers, also need a whole back end operation to do so efficiently and effectively. It is often best to outsource to a partner who can warehouse and manage your inventory, pick, pack and ship your ecommerce orders, and do it all at competitive rates that support the value you wish to deliver to your customers.


Old & Very Famous Measurement Quotation

"I know that half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half."

John Wanamaker

More Recent & Less Famous Measurement Quotation

"More money is wasted in marketing than in any other human activity."

Al Ries & Jack Trout

Newer & Hopefully Soon to be Famous Measurement Quotation

"Measure to perfect your marketing, not to measure it perfectly."

Rick Shea, Optiv8 Consulting