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“Really great newsletter. Always funny and interesting and I love how you manage to tie your stories into some very useful advice!”

Michael Katz, Chief Penguin, Blue Penguin Development

“I really enjoy your newsletters, thanks for sharing your stories – the way you link your stories to measurement makes measurement seem so easy and accessible!”

Romana Mirza, Brand Expert and Social Media Trainer, Studio Pinpoint

“Your newsletter is an excellent guide to the fundamentals of measuring marketing. Great job!”

Randy McGuire, Managing Partner, Blazetec

“Nice newsletter, I enjoyed the read. Keep up the good work.”

Colin Taylor, CEO, The Taylor Reach Group Inc.

“I like how your stories capture my attention and how you use those stories to drive home your points about marketing measurement. Easy to read, enjoyable and practical advice!”

Kim McLaughlin, Social Media Strategist, Lyra Communications

“I’ve enjoyed your newsletters. A quick, informative read. Keep them coming.”

Mark Farrell, VP Sales and Marketing, Apption Software

“Another great article, which I’ve just tweeted out to my network. I like the 5-point plan and point #4 in particular. It’s something that most organizations overlook.”

Bob Bissett, Founder, Mentoric

“Bravo! Another winner of a newsletter.”

Peter LePiane, Lean Startup Consultant, Unison Startup Consulting

“I just received and read your most recent e-newsletter. What struck me most is that your primary message applies to any strategic planning process – not just marketing. Good work!”

Jim White, The Documentation Specialist, JSW & Associates

“I do like the way you write. I read so many articles using so much business lingo that I am sure they lose half the people they are trying to reach. You make things easy to understand.”

David Sappleton, Graphic Design Consultant, Magenta Art & Design Services

“Good story Rick. Well done.”

Mark Bowden, President, Truthplane

“Funny you mentioned Tim Harford’s ‘The Undercover Economist’ in your newsletter. I’m currently finishing up that book and find that Tim’s writing style is actually very similar to that of your newsletter, i.e., a clear and entertaining piece of story-telling!”

Eric Pritz, Financial Planning Associate, Scotiabank

“Excellent newsletter, Rick. Very well written!”

Susan Gregory, Founder, Susan Gregory Consultants Inc.