Marketing Effectiveness

To be effective, marketers need to do four things well in a circular, on-going process of continuous improvement.  In this process marketers repeatedly ask themselves two fundamental questions:

What Should We Do?

A common starting point for answering this question is often Research, through which you gather knowledge and insights about customers, markets, and competitors, in order to develop a Strategy about which products and services to offer and how to take them to market.

As part of developing the Strategy, you set objectives for the business and the specific marketing programs you will Execute.

Did It Work?

With clarity around business and marketing program objectives, you will know what to Measure, if you will need to gather data during or after execution, and whether the data will come from customers, analytical tools, internal reporting systems, or via more research. Answering this question leads to optimizing future strategies and executions, more effective marketing and better business results.

How Optiv8 Helps

Optiv8 helps to answer both of these questions. We start with the belief that measurement plays a critical role in improving marketing effectiveness. Through custom fitting a measurement process to your business, we can bring additional focus and discipline to the overall marketing function.

Optiv8 also provides services in the areas of business and marketing strategy and planning, along with market research, as these areas are closely related and support doing marketing measurement effectively. The scope of the work needed determines whether we will do this work independently or with strategic partners that we select to match our clients’ needs.

3 Keys to Effective Marketing

An interview with Optiv8 founder and President, Rick Shea.